GAME 12: OCTOBER 6 2018


1. ...the fact that Forest were in control of things for 82% of the time. The other 18% was made up of unpunished Miserablebugger assaults, a host of bad decisions from a bent referee, one fluke that bounced off the bar, a half hearted effort from Assombalonga, and half time.

2. ...or the fact that Forest exposed the fraud that is Pulisball. People like Pulis have been reducing football to an industrial process for far too long. In this match, the soulless, regimented muscularity of Miserablebugger was no match for Forest's vibrant creativity. Pulis may have said his players were "a bag of potatoes", but he should check what his own fans are saying about him and his mind-bendingly boring approach to football.

3. ...or the fact that Forest were so brave. It would have been understandable if their confidence had taken a dent from the Mewo draw, but it didn't. It would have been understandable if, like so many clubs, they had been intimidated by Miserablebugger's home record, but they weren't. They could have sat in for a 0-0 draw, but at no time during the match did this seem to be their intention. They came to attack, and remained dangerous until the end.

4. ...or the fact that every Forest player deserved the man of the match award, but especially Joe Lolley. Joe Lolley played with destructive brilliance, like a shaped charge. Whenever he got the ball, jaws dropped and Miserablebugger fans prayed to their wasteland gods. His cross for Grabban's second was perfect, his goal a thing of beauty wrapped round a sledgehammer. The last Forest player I saw exert such a bristling influence on a match was Antonio.

5. ...or the fact that we still can't tell what "type" of manager Karanka is. This is, in fact, a good thing, because it suggests he has allowed Forest's style to be shaped by the players, not by some rigid formula (see Pulis). It also suggests that the "never wanted him in the first place" brigade are having to make stuff up to moan about.

6. ...or the fact that Forest won despite the referee. This particular specimen was one of those refs who makes mistakes and doesn't have the good grace to acknowledge them but rather lashes out spitefully at his critics. Or perhaps he just read "The Referee's Guide To Shafting Forest" which we understand is compulsory reading in official circles. And don't waste time moralising about Jack Robinson's dive. Of course he dived (not, you will note, "dove". "Dove" is not the past tense nor even the past participle of "dive". "Dove" is a bird). As he had already been booked for pointing out an obvious refereeing mistake, he obviously calculated that the odds on him hoodwinking the incompetent dick from Leicester were quite high. What he didn't realise was that it was only Miserablebugger players who got away with murder. It was simply a naive miscalculation.

7. ...or the fact that Forest are progressing under the radar. Read the mainstream reports on this match, look at the videos. It's as if a decision has been made to cut off the oxygen of Forest's publicity by reducing reports and highlights to a bleak, uncontroversial minimum. This is a good thing. As soon as some media jerk realises we're doing quite well and decides to do a "feature" on us, we're screwed. I prefer the softly softly catchee monkey approach, though I've never understood why anybody would want to catch a monkey.

8. ...or the fact that we can relax for a couple of weeks without having to chew the bitter cud of defeat. Next up it's Norridge at the City Ground, then Boln away, then Leed away, then (after the Burton cup match) two home games against Sheffield Undead and Stokes. After that, things get difficult but, as Uncle Boff used to say, we'll burn those bridges after the horse has bolted the stable door.


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